We’re Back!


ROSIE is our next casual-cool party with professional-quality photo opps and socially empowering installations, that raises money for causes we care about. At ROSIE ALL ticket and donation-based bar proceeds go toward LA’s LGBT Center’s TEEP program (more info here) and future NWP programming.

At ROSIE, we invite guests of all gender identities to see themselves in the image of one of our most iconic feminist symbols: Rosie the Riveter. We will highlight the history of Rosie and focus on womxn coming together to do what’s needed, and translate that power and activism into our everyday lives in 2018 and beyond.

8 Reasons to Attend ROSIE:

1: Because every morning before leaving for work you look into the mirror, flex your right bicep and say “We Can Do This!”

2: Because you paid $50 for the “Museum” of Ice Cream and that photo opp didn’t benefit shit.

3: Because you could use a Friday night spot to meet your friends, take a few photos and wet your whistle before going out and turning up.

4: Because you could use a Friday night spot to meet your friends, take a few photos, ghost them and be in bed with your fur baby by 11.

5: Because you’ve read about the LA LGBT Center’s TEEP program and passionately support their mission and understand the importance of showing up for causes you believe in.

6: Because one of your friends is involved in throwing this event and you know they’ll like you a helluva lot more if you show up to it.

7: Because you’re generally curious about how the powers of experiential marketing can be harnessed for good, not just to fuel the soulless machine of consumerism.

8: Because you believe in NWP’s overall mission of empowering marginalized voices through photography and community.

Who Are we partnering with?

At this event we are so excited to be partnering with and supporting the LA LGBT Center, with a specific focus on their Trans Economic Empowerment Program (TEEP).

For nearly 50 years, the Los Angeles LGBT Center has championed and provided more care for LGBT individuals and families than any other organization in the world. TEEP forwards that mission through a wide range of services crafted to ensure our transgender community members find employment in safe environments as well as training and inspiring workplaces to put inclusivity and cultural competency into everyday practice.

A portion of all proceeds made at ROSIE will go directly to the LA LGBT Center to ensure that they can continue their work for another 50 years.



The Hi Hat in Highland Park! We’re so happy and grateful that this rad space opened its doors to us.

What are my portraits going to look like?

Amazing, obviously, But here are some badass Rosies to give you an idea.


Are men invited?

  • Yes! Anyone of any gender identity is welcome at all Nasty Women events. Feminism is for everyone and everyone is invited!

Is this at the usual spot?

  • No, we’ve moved! We’re partying at The Hi Hat in Highland Park for our ROSIE event and couldn’t be more excited.

Is there parking?

  • There is metered parking on York and a paid lot nearby. But we recommend treating yourself and using your favorite rideshare service.

Is my pup still invited?

  • Unfortunately, no. We love your pups and wish we could see them but they aren’t allowed in the venue.

Do you offer refunds?

  • No. Tickets are nonrefundable. If you know you can’t make it but want to make a tax-deductible donation click here!

I’m a local business owner and am interested in becoming a sponsor, what do I do?

I want to volunteer at the event! What do I do?


People of all gender identities, religions, race, ages, sizes and shapes are invited to step into Rosie the Riveter's portrait. All are celebrated and safe at Nasty Women Portraits!