Who We Are

Who Are We?

Erin J Douglass

If being unapologetically hardworking, outspoken, and passionate, means you're nasty, then Erin's been nasty since day one. She started Nasty Women Portraits to promote and shine a light on other nasty women while encouraging everyone to be a little nastier. She pays the bills as a focus puller in Hollywood (who knew there was no money in starting a nonprofit!?) and it is her top priority to never be the only woman on set. In her spare time she marathons Netflix and runs real marathons.







Margo Liden

While Margo has always supported social causes, she had never been seriously involved in a social movement until now. She believes we can’t be bystanders as the rights of women and minorities are jeopardized by the current political climate. She joined Nasty Women Portraits to create a community that celebrates women and supports causes that fight for equality. When she's not spouting off about the patriarchy, she's usually "at the gym working on my fitness" or drinking wine and watching Harry Potter with her roommate. She currently works as a brand representation agent at a global talent agency in Los Angeles.






Sarah Schneider

Sarah never thought of herself as nasty, until the fall of 2016 when it turned out the word meant being driven, hard working, socially conscious and trailblazing. She jumped at the chance to join Nasty Women Portraits to work towards living up to the title, and to empower others to do the same. She currently work as a book designer for an independent publisher in New York, and, controversially, enjoys good books, coffee and face masks.







Bria Little