About Nasty Women Portraits

Nasty Women Portraits was born out of the result of the presidential election, and the helplessness many of us felt late November 8th, and into Wednesday morning. At our lowest, we felt threatened and powerless.

We at Nasty Women Portraits found inspiration in a photograph of Hillary Clinton by David Seidner. It reminded us that while the election results do not represent our best interest, let alone our hopes for this country, they ultimately did not waver our resolve. In Seidner’s photograph, Clinton embodies the steadfast confidence we need to channel as we protect our rights over the next four years.

In that spirit, we are organizing an event to act as a motivating force, remind people of their own power, and raise funds for Planned Parenthood, an organization that faces funding and policy risks under the incoming administration. On December 8th, we’ll be hosting our inaugural Nasty Women Portraits event where attendees can have their portraits taken in the vein of Seidner’s portrait of Clinton, or another feminist icon that inspires them, to signify that the fight for equal rights lives on.

We invite everyone who felt helpless on November 8th to come together in solidarity, donate to an indispensable cause, and feel the power of sharing their voice.