It's 2018!

Hello Nasties!

We're just rolling through 2018 and realized that we haven't talked to you in a MINUTE. We won't take up too much of your time but we wanted to fill you in on all the things we have going on.

We went to the Women's March

We partnered with our BFFs @ResisterhoodLA for a booth at the Women's March in Downtown Los Angeles. We had an amazing time taking your protest portraits and being endlessly inspired by the strength of women. Check out the photos here!

We're on Amazon Smile

When you shop through Amazon be sure to use this link - 0.5% of eligible purchases automatically goes to us so that we can keep up all the nasty work we're doing.

We're Hiring!

Nasty Women Portraits is growing and ready to bring on some new team members. If you're a college student looking to support a feminist nonprofit for college credit we'd love to have you as our social media intern. If you're a driven, passionate, intersectional badass we're dying to have you on our board. Check out the job descriptions below:


For College Credit | You can’t topple the patriarchy offline

Nasty Women Portraits is looking to add a Social Media intern to our team. If you love a good hashtag we would love to have you! Our Social Media Intern would work directly with the rest of the Nasty team to create content and campaigns for all social media platforms. They will help develop strategies for how best to use social media as a marketing tool.

  • Responsibilities and Duties
    • Work with the Nasty Women Portraits to create and implement campaigns
      • Develop content calendars on a weekly and monthly basis
      • Monitor analytics with social media team to identify and execute viable ideas
      • Create engaging blog and social media content with our core mission of intersectionality and inclusivity in mind
      • Assist in the general distribution of press releases and media alerts
      • Provide support to our marketing team at live and online events
  • Qualifications and Skills
    • Must be pursuing degree - internship is for credit only
    • Strong writing and communication skills
    • Strong understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
    • Photoshop skills a plus
    • Must be self-motivated and have a good attitude (we know that feels like a given but we gotta say it)
    • All qualified candidates are welcome to apply




Do you want to be a part of building a new feminist nonprofit? Nasty Women Portraits is looking to grow it’s board. We’re looking for passionate and diverse individuals to help guide our organization forward. An ideal candidate cares deeply about women’s rights, bettering the lives of marginalized groups, and has innovative ideas about how to serve the mission of Nasty Women Portraits. No prior nonprofit or board member experience required (but is definitely a bonus)

  • Responsibilities and Duties
    • Care
      • Ensure all our activities and programs serve our mission
      • Advocate for our mission
      • Shape and adapt mission as appropriate
    • Ensure Resources
      • Help create and maintain fundraising programs.
      • Enhance Nasty Women Portraits public standing
      • Create and maintain relationships with other organizations
      • Build partnership opportunities
    • Provide Oversight
      • Monitor and strengthen programs
      • Ensure legal and ethical integrity
      • Protect assets and provide financial oversight
      • Continue establishing a space where all voices are heard
    • Loyalty
      • In decision making processes put the interests of the organization before personal and professional interests. 
    • Obedience
      • Comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws; adhere to the organization’s bylaws; and remain the guardians of the mission. 
  • Qualifications and Skills
    • No prior nonprofit experience required, but is a bonus
    • Must have a commitment to the mission of Nasty Women Portraits
    • Must be passionate, compassionate, self-motivated, inclusive, and flexible
    • Must have strong connection to your community
    • Must be willing to smash the patriarchy

Note - per Cali law - a Board Member is a volunteer position.


Send applications to

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PS: Don't forget to DONATE! You really didn't think you'd get through a whole nonprofit newsletter without us asking for money, silly.

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