Too Legit To Quit

Hello Nasties!

We have some super exciting news to share! If you’ve been with us from the beginning you’ll know that Nasty Women Portraits started as a gut reaction to the election of Donald Trump, and if there is one good thing to come out of that election it’s this amazing wave of activism. Every day we are awed by the amazing things women are doing to fight back and support each other. As we move further and further away from that first gut reaction it’s so great to see that the fire is still burning. We’re still out in the streets, we’re still fighting, we’re still passionate, and we’re all prepared to keep doing the work for as long as it takes. Which is why we’re so excited to announce that ...

Nasty Women Portraits is officially a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization!


So what does that mean?

First, it means that we are a legit charity and donations given to us are tax deductible. So give to us and get that fat return in 2018!


Second, it means that there are a lot of things we need to learn. Our tax-exempt status didn’t come with a nonprofit fairy godmother who sprinkled knowledge of tax codes and city regulations down on us (but if you know of someone like that, put us in touch). For the next few months we’re going to be hitting the books hard. We’ll be doing all that under-the-hood work so that we’re equipped to make this organization the best and most badass it can be.

Third, this means we’re pushing back our next event. We might have told you to look forward to something this fall, but realistically, we need to get all of our ducks in a row before we can put together an event that’s as dope as you deserve. We still plan on having another awesome event this year, but it will likely be closer to the end of the year.

We know that last note is a bit of a bummer, but don’t fret! We’ll still be doing fun feminist things in the meantime. We’re meeting with some great orgs and building some partnership opportunities, which means we should have some exciting little mini events for you!

What can you do to help during this building period? You’re so nice to ask!

Donate! Donate! Donate!

We might not make any profit but we still need that cash money to make things happen. And other than that, talk to us! We want to hear from you—what do you want to see from us? Are there any Nasty Women you think we should know about? Are you or do you know a feminist organization doing great things? Tell us about them!  Are you a photographer who wants to give back? Let’s work together! 

We know that we would not be here today without the support of so many strong, smart, inspiring people. We want to thank all of you for your support in getting us to this next level. We also have to thank, from the very bottom of our hearts, Aura and the USC Small Business Clinic. They believed in our “cool” organization and put in hours of hard work for free. Without them there is a 0% chance we’d have made it to today. So thank you, thank you, thank you!


As always, stay tuned and #StayNasty.



Nasty Women Portraits,

Erin, Sarah, Bria and Margo